That One Day – Crystal Moselle

That One Day is an adventure short film by award winning director Crystal Moselle who has previously directed The Wolfpack.


Teddy Bears Are For Lovers – Almog Avidan Antonir

Almog Avidan Antonir and his team have used practical FX to bring to life five teddy bears seeking revenge on the man who gifted them to his ex-girlfriends. Read my full review of Teddy Bears Are For Lovers on the BookMyShow blog.

Run – Thea Gajic

I loved the fact that Thea Gajic uses prose in this short film to put across her point. I love this short film for its simplicity and intensity. Check out my full review here!

A Minute Of Silence – Guillaume Renusson

An incredibly powerful short film that raises its voice about abuse in the most amazing fashion. Watch this formidable work by Guillaume Renusson below. Check out my review here. 

Traction – Rory Uphold

Rory Uphold‘s Traction is witty, funny, and manages to touch the right chord in just five-minutes flat! This short film is one of my favorites. The film focuses on systemic rascism in America. Watch the film, and read my review on BMS!

Beauty Mark – Cameron Thrower

A touching short film starring the lovely and super talented Maggie Gyllenhaal. Beauty Mark  by Cameron Thrower is a great film that shows us the importance of acceptance. Watch the lovely short film below, and read my review here.

The Boy Who Learned To Fly – Limbert Fabian & Jacob Wyatt

Gatorade made this short film to honor Usain Bolt and Rio Olympics 2016. The animation and the intense colors make this film a delight to watch. I loved how the filmmakers were able to capture the emotions! Check out my full review and watch the film!

Gips (Plaster) – Jeroen Houben

Jeroen Houben‘s Gips (Plaster) is a lovely ride down memory lane. It is ‘nostalgia’ street to – video games, playing in the afternoons, and summer road trips! Read more about the film, and watch it!

Interior Cafe Night – Adhiraj Bose

Adhiraj Bose directed Naseeruddin Shah. Shernaz Patel, Naveen Kasturia, and Shweta Basu Prasad in this touching short film. The 12-minute short film is based on the theme of lost-love. An absolute joy to watch. Check out my full review on the BookMyShow blog, and watch this lovely short below.

Home Suite Home – Jeroen Houben

Jeroen Houben‘s Home Suite Home is a french short film that reminds you of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read my full review and watch the film below.

Emotional Fusebox – Rachel Tunnard

An incredibly brilliant tale by Rachel Tunnard. This short film was nominated for the prestigious BAFTA! read my full review and check out the short below!