Whispers Among Wolves – Kevin Lim

Whispers Among Wolves by director Kevin Lim, has the ability to not only entertain the audience but keep them in its grip till the very end. It is generally the nature of a mystery that warrants such attention and the fact that this short film can do so as a drama, speaks volumes.

The story involves two strong characters  – an alcoholic CEO (Shilo) played by Sarah Aubrey and her P.A. Teddy played by Matthew Backer – on one of their usual briefing sessions. The 16-minute short film is based on their conversation – witty yet undemanding. The dialogues are sharp, strong and enjoyable much like the two characters.

The special effects used to create flashback moments are brilliant. The director needs to be credited for having cohered the screenplay with two major elements – the dialogues and the special effects. Both the actors are outstanding and have portrayed their roles well; Shilo is headstrong and authoritative, and Teddy is sincere and steadfast.

An engaging short film that has managed to get all the elements in just the perfect amount of balance.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo below:

You can also watch the film here.


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