The Trip (Web-Series)

The last episode of The Trip is finally out! So I decided to review the series. I binge watched The Trip last week and quickly got hooked. It has all the right ingredients after all. The happy-go-lucky web-series about a gang of girls with a star-studded cast. Four girls decide to go on a road trip – all the way from Delhi to Thailand! – after one of them gets engaged. Sound familiar? (Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara with an all-female cast)

The series stars Lisa Haydon as the long-legged, aspiring musician Shonali, Sweta Tripathi as the newly engaged Anjali, Sapna Pabbi as Anjali’s Yoga teacher-cum-friend Sanjana, and the ever-so-bindaas Mallika Dua as the even-more-bindass Nazia. The Trip plays with your emotions in all the right ways. This is exactly the trip we all want and need. But sadly, the series fails to strike a deeper chord. It is one of those stories that you watch and forget. The storyline does try to create moments of bonding but fails to take it any further. Other than the cute dresses and the fun-factor, it doesn’t offer any depth.

The story maybe bordering on frivolousness, but the ladies in the story are doing just the opposite. There are some tints of great performances by the leading ladies. Lisa Haydon is gorgeous and plays her role very convincingly. Sapna Pabbi is good. Mallika Dua is ridiculously hilarious! And after her stunning silver screen performances Sweta Tripathi does another fine job here.

The series is a great watch especially if you have a lot of travel hours to kill. Check it out!


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