Favorite Web-Series!

I’m a big fan of web-series. Not only because I’m a YouTube addict, but because these are just the perfect dosage of entertainment. They come in neat packets of 20-or-so odd minutes without the crazy never-ending chain of interrupting advertisements (Although YT/Google has now taken it upon itself to break this trend!)

Here’s a list of my favorite web-series:

  1. Baked
  2. Permanent Roommates
  3. Pitchers
  4. Man’s World 

Most of these are old series that I’ve already written about! But there are some new ones that I really like.

5. Band Baaja Baaraat is one of them. Both the actors were amazing. So if you havn’t seen this one you should.

6. Another one, was the Y-Films’ Love Shots. I’ve written about all the six shots!

7. Girl In The City. This one is the cute-sy stuff. Small town girl with big dreams and how she makes them a reality. The storyline is simple but the acting is strong.

Watch this space for more such series.



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