OSCARS: Shorts in 2017

The nominations for Oscar 2017 are here. And, although the jury is still out whether using ‘LIVE’ social media to announce the nominations was a good idea, I’m just thrilled that there’re new short films to watch out for!

The Academy gives the award in three short film categories – animated, documentary and live action, but I’m more of a live-action person. So, I’ve listed the trailers of the five shorts nominated in the category.

Nevertheless, here’s the full list of all the nominated short films and links to their trailers.


  • 4.1 Miles – Daphne Matziaraki
  • Extremis – Dan Krauss
  • Joe’s Violin – Kahane Cooperman and Raphaela Neihausen
  • Watani: My Homeland – Marcel Mettelsiefen and Stephen Ellis
  • The White Helmets – Orlando von Einsiedel and Joanna Natasegara


  • Blind Vaysha – Theodore Ushev
  • Borrowed Time – Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj
  • Pear Cider and Cigarettes – Robert Valley and Cara Speller
  • Pearl – Patrick Osborne
  • Piper – Alan Barillaro and Marc Sondheimer

Live Action:

  • Ennemis Interieurs – Selim Azzazi

Looking intriguing. A 20 sec trailer can hardly ever make you this curious. There’s something in that question or maybe the way it just left unanswered that makes me want to watch this one for sure!

  • La Femme et le TGV – Timo Von Gunten and Giacun Caduff

Story of a woman who falls in love with a man she’s never seen. We’ve heard of this premise, but does this tale have to offer something more than what meets the eye?

  • Silent Nights – Aske Bang and Kim Magnusson

Love transcends all. Or, it should anyway. Silent Nights is a love story running against the odds. Two people from different cultures face struggles including racism and problems faced by migrants.


  • Sing – Kristof Deak and Anna Udvardy

A story of a 10-year-old girl and how she finds herself getting exploited by her mentor. The trailer starts on a happy note but ends on a sombre one, and leaves you with curiosity lingering in your gut.

Sing (Mindenki) | trailer from Kristof Deak on Vimeo.

  • Timecode – Juanjo Gimenez

There isn’t much in the trailer but this story of two security guards has been around many, many film festivals including Cannes 2016.


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