Cherokee – Jem Rankin

Cherokee is an intriguing story of a mother-daughter duo who are struggling with life’s mundane but consequential trivialities. Shelley (Edwina Royce) and her mother Linda (Jane Allsop) live in our complicated, unjust world. Daily struggles involving an imperious landlord and a heedless father/husband mark their days.

Jem Rankin‘s characters not only bring with them strong and full personalities, but also foibles that make them believable. The brassy-mouthed mother who berates and gives an ear-full whenever she can, and the over-imaginative daughter who distracts herself with tales of the Native American warriors, make appealing characters.

With this dark comedy, the director manages to capture an interesting insight into the minds of children and adults. And reminds us that kids can be very impressionable. The film has been a part of Tribeca Film Festival in 2016 and Melbourne International Film Festival in 2015.

Watch it below!

Cherokee (2014) from Jem Rankin on Vimeo.


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