How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps – Ben Berman

Director Ben Berman‘s short film is based on an essay of the same name by Aaron Bleyaert. This seven minute comedy is bang on keeping with the new-year-resolution-wave. Weight loss is usually on everyone’s agenda come January.

The film is hilarious. It takes the audience through four steps that are absolutely important when going for weight reduction – no beer, portion control, no fruit juice and heartbreak! The story proceeds to show us how an out-of-shape mattress salesman joins the gym and tries to get over his ex.

The direction is splendid! From the way the film starts – as a simple textbook-ish guide to weight-loss – to the moment it suddenly takes a storytelling turn, the film wins you with every passing minute. When SNL‘s Beck Bennett appears as a beaten down heartbroken guy with a jiggling belly you know the film is going to win you over – and it’s not just my love for the man that’s talking.

Although, How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps was made almost a year back, the amazing message at the end of the film adds the correct dash of flavor for starting the new year.

Watch this rollicking film below! And, have a great 2017 🙂

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 4 EASY STEPS from Benjamin Berman on Vimeo.


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