That One Day – Crystal Moselle

That One Day is a short drama by Crystal Moselle. The 11-minute short film was created as a part of the series Women’s Tales by the Italian high-fashion brand¬†Miu Miu. The story combines fashion and the life of a NYC skater girl.

In an attempt to create a story line that merges the teen culture of downtown NYC with that of a fashion brand, the filmmaker has created something spectacular.¬†She combines the two worlds and binds them with a simple yet powerful moment; churning a story that not only strikes a chord but at a certain level resonates with the audience. There’s been a point in everyone’s life when they have experienced loneliness. And then there’s been a high-point when they find that they aren’t alone in their loneliness. They finally discover like-minded people, they meet their gang, their crowd, their tribe!

But the credit isn’t hers alone. The director came across the group of female skaters – The Skate kitchen. And out of their experiences the story of Rachelle (Rachelle Vinberg) was born.

Watch the film for it’s authentic flavor that perfectly combines fantasy with reality without ever making you feel like you are watching a documentary on female skaters. You have to bow down to Moselle’s creativity for giving the film a novel nuance .

Crystal Moselle has previously made the Sundance award winning documentary, The Wolfpack.


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