Young Indian Filmmaker at Cannes 2016 Debutes With God on a Leash 

He is 22 year old and has cracked Cannes! Varun Chopra‘s short film God on a Leash is all set to premier at The festival De Cannes 2016. The festival kicks off this month and attracts filmmakers and actors from across the world.    


Varun Chopra who is currently pursuing his masters in Film and Television at the School of Film and Television, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, has made a 14 minute-long short film which revolves around Hinduism’s devotion towards their God Hanuman. 

The film’s story talks about two communities – the Madaris and the Behrupiyas. One trains monkeys and the other young children to act like apes; common to these communities is their devotion towards their God Hanuman, and poverty.

The concept sounds intriguing, and I for one, am looking forward to watching God on a Leash. 

You can check out the film’s Fb page to know more about the film. 


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