Preferably Blue by Alan Dickson: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Preferably Blue is an Easter special short film. Different than the usual festive-spirit emanating stories you must have seen so far, this film directed by Alan Dickson will leave you intrigued.

The animated short film is a dark twisted rhythmic couplet about the Easter bunny who is a self-deprecating, cynical fellow who pops anti-depressants with vodka. He is nothing like the furry, happy rabbit we are used to. The reason of his woe is Santa and the attention he gets. To end his rather sad life, one rainy night the bunny decides, ” I want Santa dead”.

Yukfoo‘s production, Preferably Blue is an interesting take on the lonely feeling that engulfs all of us during the Holidays. Suddenly we miss home and family. The short film does an interesting job at showing us that even the guardians or idols associated with festive imagery can feel blue. Preferably Blue gives an intriguing twist to your festive watch.

Would love to hear what you thought of the film. Do leave a comment 🙂 Happy Easter!


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