Ticky Tacky – Brian Petsos

Ticky Tacky directed by Brian Petsosis a dark comedy starring the brilliant Oscar Isaac. The film is set in a three day stage performance-like plot with everyday adding a little bit more of crazy to the story.

The short film is about a wealthy man who is betrayed by his love. Her infidelity with his cousin leaves him in rage, and he decides to take revenge. The powerful man is helped by his gangster sidekick, a 11-12 year old who knows his craft and gets things done for him. Ticky Tacky is an insane mix of absurdity and comedic intellect coupled with a over-the-top revenge plot.

Oscar Isaac is amazing in his mustache and perfect suits, sitting in his impressive study with a sexy secretary at his beck and call, giving us the slightly deranged powerful rich guy. His little confidant is adept and imposing in his role. Ticky Tacky leaves you with potent performances and a plot that is equally psycho as it is cute.

Check out the short film here:


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