Oscar 2016 Winning Shorts

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar and Pee Cee floored us with her charm (read diamonds). In the middle of this Oscar hoopla we are making sure you don’t miss out on the winning short films.

The Oscar for the shorts went to three interesting films this year. Even though they were poles apart, they all had three things in common – a great plot, an engaging and moving subject and a team of talented filmmakers. Here are the winners of the shorts for 2016:

Animated: Bear Story by Gabriel Osorio

The story delves into a melancholic tale of separation and plays it out beautifully through the tale of an old bear and his diorama.

Live-action: S T U T T E R E R by  Benjamin Cleary

A lonely man with a speech impediment finally finds love. But will he be accepted with his hesitancy?

Documentary: A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Story of a Pakistani girl and how she is pressurized to forgive the people who wanted to kill her in the name of honor.

Hope to watch the full films soon! 🙂


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