Noor – Upcoming Film On Kashmir By Ashvin Kumar

Ashvin Kumar‘s take on Kashmir is probably the truth that has been hidden from the world for far too long. The war in Kashmir has affected many directly or indirectly. There are a zillion questions that deserve answers. Answers that may never really come. The beauty of Kashmir is marred by the guns and the barbed wires that more than protecting, are destroying its virginal surroundings. It is a struggle with no end in sight.

Noor - Ashvin Kumar

Noor is the story of a 15 year old girl. The war has had disastrous effects but most that have been affected are the children and women. This film plans to show us that conflict. The film was funded by the Kickstarter platform and the campaign reached its target of raising £74,000 ($100,000)  on 20th Feb 2016.

Hope to see the film soon!

P.S.: Ashvin Kumar has two other films on Kashmir: Inshallah, Kashmir and Inshallah, Football


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