Short Films That Won An Oscar In The Last Decade! 

“And the Oscar goes to..”

There’s something about this statement that increases everyone’s palpitations. And all this when we are just at the spectator end of this grand celebration. Over the years that Academy Award has extended the honor to many exceptional short films. These have been across language, genre and subject. There are two categories – live action and animation – and each has five nominations. While this year’s short film nominations look promising and have kept the standards high in terms of subject and innovation, let’s take a look at some of the best live action short films from the last decade.

78th Academy Awards (2005): Six Shooter by Martin McDonagh

79th Academy Awards (2006): West Bank Story — Ari Sandel

80th Academy Awards (2007): Le Mozart des Pickpockets — Philippe Pollet-Villard

81st Academy Awards (2008): Spielzeugland (Toyland) — Jochen Alexander Freydank

82nd Academy Awards (2009): The New Tenants — Joachim Back and Tivi Magnusson

83rd Academy Awards (2010): God of Love — Luke Matheny

84th Academy Awards (2011): The Shore  — Terry George and Oorlagh George

85th Academy Awards (2012): Curfew — Shawn Christensen

86th Academy Awards (2013): Helium — Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson

87th Academy Awards (2014): The Phone Call – Mat Kirkby and James Lucas


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